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  • Buhler Model MTRB Separator Classifier

Providing Buhler Model Flour Milling Cleaning, Finish Products Packing system machinery from China mainland. Flour Mill Spare Parts. Contact: Mr Bart Yang, mobile: 0086 185 3712 1208, E-mail: info@flour-machinery.com , www.flour-machinery.com

Detail Extra


This machine, designed to meet high demands, is typi-cally applied in our mills and elevators (silos) for graincleaning. Other sites and elds of application include:feed mills, seed cleaning plants, oilseed cleaning instal-lations, cocoa bean and cocoa nibs grading systems inchocolate factories, etc. 


The sieve box assembly, which is mounted on rubbersprings supported by the machine frame, moves backand forth by two vibrators arranged at either side of themachine. The slope of the sieve box is adjusted to thespeci c application of the machine. The stroke and theangle of throw can be adjusted to suit special needs. Thetwo sieve decks end at the front drawers and each aresecurely locked in place in the sieve box by two clamps.The second separating section for the coarse impuritiesis attached to the lateral outlet (top sieve). The machineoutlet is matched to the various outlet aspiration systemsavailable. 

Mode of operation

The separator separates the grain from coarse and neimpurities by sifting. Low-density (light) particles in thegrain can also be reliably removed by additionally apply-ing an aspiration channel or an air-recycling aspirator.
The product is fed to the machine through the centralintegral inlet. The adjustable distribution device in the inletallows uniform spreading of the product to be achievedacross the top sieve deck. The overs (tailings) of this sieveare directed to the lateral outlet, where an additionalseparation is made into coarse, nonusable impurities and ne, usable particles. After further grading on the secondsieve deck, the overs (main product fraction) are fedeither to the attached aspiration channel or air-recyclingaspirator, or to a simple aspiration box, depending on the machine version. 

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